Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sofia Deli and Cafe (Mount Kisco, NY)

Good Eats Within

We've been driving through Mt. Kisco for ages, stopping for gasoline, bathroom breaks and an occasional greasy, fast food meal that we inevitably regret, later. For the latter, there's a Friendly's, a Burger King, a Chinese American place that makes eggs foo young and semi edible kung pao chicken -- and for years, we thought that was the best we could do. But on a recent pass through town, we stumbled across a place that has transformed Mt. Kisco from a necessary evil while road tripping to a foodie destination.

The key to this transformation is Sofia Deli and Cafe. It's an outwardly nondescript little place in the same strip mall as a Woof & Wash and the popular bar / restaurant, the Village Social. The owner is a dignified gentleman from Guatemala who runs the deli with his son, and there are a number of interesting Guatemalan offerings on the menu, in addition to the usual sandwich / burger / smoothie / bagel / salad deli standards.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

McKinney & Doyle (Pawling, NY)

Grilled Salmon Salad

Perhaps it was a bad night. It was a Tuesday and only the bar menu was available, a clue that the A team has this night off. Perhaps we ordered badly, with a heavy emphasis on seafood rather than, say, steak. Or perhaps we went into the restaurant with inflated expectations in light of its high Zagat ratings (a whopping 25). In any event, a recent dinner at McKinney & Doyle, a popular gastropub in Pawling, NY, was utterly mediocre. It wasn't awful, but the quality of the food was no better than what you'd find at your average, run-of-the-mill diner in NYC, with a heavy reliance on commercially prepared Sysco-type foods.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Millie's (Nantucket, MA)

You Can't Beat the View

If I were to write a guidebook for other visitors, sunset dinner or drinks at Millie's, perched on the western tip of Nantucket, would be on my list of must-sees. The setting could not be more charming. You may catch a glimpse of the playful seals frolicking in the heavy waves off Madaket beach at certain times of the year, or see fiddler crabs skittering across the wet sand. For a restaurant set amidst such natural wonders, with a de facto monopoly on the whole western part of the island to boot, Millie's is far, far better than it has to be.

The menu is Tex Mex or Cal Mex, but in the best possible way. Ingredients were fresh and treated with respect. Cocktails were well mixed and yes, the rumors are true: The restaurant is about as baby (and dog!) friendly as they come.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pazzo Revisited (Nantucket, MA)

Chilled Asparagus

It's been a year since we were last at Pazzo and if anything, the restaurant is even better than it was, before. The space and staff are warm and friendly, always bustling, but never brusque. Food is seasonally and geographically appropriate, without being predictable.

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